I'm loving it

At the moment things are cooling down here in Johannesburg, bye bye summer. This is both sad and a little exciting at the same time because I love my winter coats and boots, but I'm not quite ready to say farewell to warm and sunny Sunday afternoons or all of my summer dresses either. 

Just the other day I was feeling a little inspired by the cooler temperatures and seriously procrastinating from house cleaning duties so I decided to browse through a few of my favourite online stores. I've already compiled a list of things I'll be purchasing over the next couple of weeks *insert months, because you know...budgets exist in my life.* So many favourites, so little time. I'm starting to think I have a real problem. How can one person have so many favourites all at once? Just to give you an idea, I've compiled a list of a few of them. 

5. Scrabble letter cushions

What are your favourite things at the moment? 

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