Beauty tip: No more Blackheads

Blackheads the buggers that never seem to go away! You name it and someone has tried it in an attempt to finally get rid of these unwanted and unwelcome little annoyances. Well, believe it or not I’ve finally found something that works, and yes it actually does work. I mean there is of course the option of going for a facial but not everyone’s budget allows for that luxury.

What you’ll need:
A piece of we used Gladwrap
Two small washcloths
Some tissues
A little bit of Vaseline

It’s best to do this fresh out the shower. That’s because your skin’s temperature is nice and warm, meaning your pores will be open making it easier for you to extract dirt and grime.

How to do it:
1. Apply a thick layer of Vaseline to the area you wish to treat. This will create a temporary seal, trapping the heat in the skin.
2. Now cover it with the Gladwrap and apply the two (make sure they’re hot and damp) washcloths for five minutes to help the area retain its heat longer and soften the pores.
3. Once the five minutes are up and you’ve removed the washcloths, wrap a tissue over each of your forefingers and gently squeeze the skin where the blackheads.
4. Now clean and moisturise your face as you normally would each day.

5. There you have it, you’re now Blackhead free!

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