5 beauty tips you should know

Just a few tips that won't break the bank but you wish you would have known about all along. 

1. Add Witch Hazel to your beauty routine. This is an acne fighter, can reduce puffy eyes, treats varicose veins, helps heals bruises, keeps skin moisturized and treats razor burn
2. Use coconut oil. It can help with dry skin, whiten your teeth and prevent wrinkles.

3. Rinse your hair and face with cold water. Hot water strips the skin and hair of essential oils.
4. Use powder. Using powder will not only keep your shine away but it will also help set your makeup and make it last longer.
5. Sleep on your back to fight aging. When your face is squished up against the pillow it creates wrinkles and folds in your skin. Try surrounding yourself with pillows to keep you on your back.

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