Date night

It's the month of love and just because Valentines day has come and gone doesn't mean the romance has to as well. But going on dates and spoiling your loved one can also be a bit pricey. So I've found the best at home date night ideas (I know we'll be trying a few of these ourselves)  Not only are these so much more romantic and private (because it's in the comfort of your own home) but they're a lot easier on your bank balance as well. 

Have chocolate tasting night.
Watch a sports game together and make bets on who will win.
Give each other massages.
Cook together.
Have a picnic on the TV room floor.
Have a karaoke night.
Make it a theme night.
Have a romantic candle light dinner.
Fondue night.
Breakfast in bed.
Watch your favourite movies together.
Play Twister.
Bubble bath for two.

Play some board games.

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