Tag you're it

A while go I was tagged by my friend Shelley from All Things Pretty to take part in The South African tag, hosted by Hazel from Closet Freedom. Well I've finally gotten around to answering the questions, so here it goes. 

1. How many cups of coffee do you have per day? What type of coffee and why?
Ask me this question a couple of months ago and my answer would have been 3-4 cups, but recently I’ve cut back on all my coffee and tea. So now it’s only one a day.

2. Favourite part of the 7-colour Sunday dish? 
Hmm, that’s a tough one. I mean I pretty much love all food, so deciding on one is like torture. I’ll therefore have to go with my weakness, roast potatoes. I just cant resist those crispy yet soft little suckers.

3. What sports team would you spend most of Saturday watching while enjoying a classic South African braai?
I’d have to go with Rugby and Cricket.

4. Favourite South African word/phrase + most annoying?
Favourite: Dis lekker
I don’t really have an annoying one.

5. South African treat?
Malva pudding – with lots and lots of custard.

6. Which SA DJ rocks your socks?
I don’t really know any DJ’s so I’ll just go with general music. Zebra and Giraffe, Goldfish and Prime Circle.
We have the most beautiful sunsets here in SA
7. Favourite SA personality? Why?
Jeannie D. I just love how bubbly she always is.

8. Favourite province? Its main attraction?
Western Province and that’s only because – Cape Town! I love that city, every time I’m there I fall even more in love with it.

9. How many South African languages can you speak?
Only two. I come from an Afrikaans family but went to an English school.

10. Favourite South African Song?
Mango Groove’s Special Star. I have so many childhood memories associated with that song.

11. TV show watched by most South Africans that’s also a must-watch in your family?

Masterchef, not that it’s a much watch in my family. I just love it because I’ve enjoyed watching all of the Masterchef shows from across the world.


Baking substitutes

If you haven't realised by now one of my favourite things to do, is to bake. I could happily bake all day everyday and if you're anything like me you get all psyched for the delicious treats you're about to bake, only to discover you're missing a few essential ingredients. This actually happens to be more often than you know. It's at this point that I then feel annoyed with myself and the recipe, because it's so the recipe's fault. I mean why couldn't it require ingredients I already have in my grocery cupboard? Well thankfully over the years and through numerous internet searches I've found the perfect substitutes for when you're missing those few things.

Baking powder: for 1 teaspoon substitute with ½ teaspoon cream of tartar plus ¼ teaspoon baking soda.
Bread crumbs: for ¼ cup substitute with ¼ cup cracker crumbs, or ¼ cup cornflake crumbs.
Buttermilk: for 1 cup substitute with 1 tablespoon lemon juice or 1 cup plain yogurt.
Chocolate: for 112g substitute with ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder plus cup sugar and 3 tablespoons shortening.
Corn-starch: for 1 tablespoon substitute with 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour.
Corn syrup: for 1 cup substitute with 1 cup granulated sugar plus ¼ cup water.
Heavy cream: for 1 cup substitute with 2 cups whipped dessert topping.
Honey: for 1 cup substitute with 1 ¼ cups granulated sugar plus ¼ cup water.
Margarine: for 1 cup, substitute with 1 cup butter or 1 cup shortening plus ¼ teaspoon salt.
Mascarpone cheese: for 224g substitute with 224g regular cream cheese.
Milk: for 1 cup substitute with ½ cup evaporated milk plus ½ cup water.
Sour cream: for 1 cup substitute with 1 cup plain yogurt.
Sugar: for 1 cup substitute with 1 cup packed brown sugar or 2 cups stirred powdered sugar.


Friday Funnies

Another week done and dusted and I can't believe it's only my second week back at work. With the amount of work I've done and still need to get done it feels like I never went on holiday. I do have to say, that although this week was very busy and terribly exciting (details to come soon), it still managed to drag itself along. A quote which describes this situation perfectly is "Getting real tired of wearing pants and having responsibilities." 

I for one am very happy that it's Friday and that the weekend has finally arrived, even more so because it's set to be yet another beautiful weekend with the most awesome people. So with the week over and only good times ahead of us, let's sit back relax and start it off with a laugh or two. 

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend. 


If we're going to be friends you need to know....

Wow, I'm doing well at blogging this year! The amount of posts that have appeared so far is astonishing *insert sarcastic emoticon.* Truth be told, I've just been so incredibly busy from the moment that I got back from holiday that I haven't really had time to sit down and plan. I eventually had a moment last night to sit down, catch up (stalk) on my favourite blogs and do a bit f planning of my own. During this catch up session I read a very cute post by Ashley from Little Miss momma

So naturally (and mainly because I'm not 100% happy with all my ideas) I decided to borrow her post. So here it goes, things you'll need to know if we're going to BFF's. 

I am only 4.9” tall (so on the tall side I know). 
Dry shampoo is my saving grace (sometimes more than I would like to admit).
I avoid online shopping because I know I’ll break the bank instantly.

I’m not a fan of talking on the phone, yet I’ll Whatsapp you for hours on end.
If I’m super lazy I’ll make breakfast for dinner!
My party trick - I can fit into most boxes.

I am the youngest child, my sister is two years older than me.
I was blonde as a child.

I secretly enjoy doing the laundry.
I complain about it a lot but deep down inside I enjoy going to the gym.

When I’m stressed I lose my appetite and I’ll start randomly cleaning and organising.
I'm terrified of snakes!
Bacon is always the answer when it comes to food.

I enjoy country music (but only select artists).
I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky. One day I plan on going skydiving.
I’m the most indecisive person you’ll ever meet. I prefer it when others decide on things.  

So what about you? What do I need to know about you?


It's been a while

Yes, it's been a WHILE since I've written a post. In fact it's been so long, that the last post I wrote was last year. Shocking I know! The reason for my absence was a combination things. You see it started when the internet at home decided to die, no internet for three weeks (I don't know how I survived), work was absolute chaos because of everything I had to get done before going on leave. It feels as if all of a sudden everyone wants something from you in those final days and then there was the lack of internet when we were away, but that I didn't mind because it was a nice break from reality. 

At first I was so frustrated about not being able to post on the blog but then I realised that maybe all these things preventing me from blogging was a sign. A sign that I needed to take a proper break, completely switch off and relax. 

Now I'm back, feeling so relaxed, excited for the year ahead and ready to make 2015 an even happier year than 2014 (and 2014 was a damn good year, so it might be hard to top). To kick things off for the year I've put together a few snaps of what happened while I was on holiday. 

A visit to the Nelson Mandela Capture Site.

Beer tasting at the Nottingham Brewing Company.

Golf cart selfies with my sister.

The most spectacular views while driving around 
Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

Another round of golf with the boys.

The start of what is set to be a magical year.