The Dining Room

This past weekend a bunch of friends and I went to the latest pop up restaurant in Johannesburg (The Dining Room) for a liquid pairing dinner. The evening was of course filled with a lot of laughs (as only we know how to do), way too much food, and a lot of cocktails. It was a cocktail and food pairing dinner after all. 

Vodka, sugar snap peas, lime juice, Martini Bianco 
(With An Origami Boat),

served with Chipotle grilled chicken kebab with 
balsamic pickled onion and jalapeño.

Peach infused don Julio tequila,

served with Refried beans, roasted radish, 
crème fraiche, red onion, coriander 
and avocado ice cream.

Vodka, sparkling wine, elderflower and lime juice
 served with Sous Vide Norwegian salmon, 
crushed potato, Swiss mustard, sour cream, 
spring onion, chives, dill, roe and cedar smoked.


Shiraz, fresh orange, lemon juice, lemonade

served with 48-Hour Ron Zacapa braised 
grass-fed beef short rib on a cauliflower 
and Horseradish puree with fennel chips.

Ron Zacapa on the rocks served with 
liquid popcorn with caramel froth. 

Coffee, orange zest, Frangelico and Signleton 
whiskey served with {Spanish Three Milks Cake] 
burnt white chocolate 
and Ron Zacapa crème, golden tulle.

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