The secret to smooth summer legs

Summer is here and now we all know what that means, lots and lots of summer dresses. Coming straight out of winter and if you’re anything like me, your legs are looking a little on the pale side; but that’s nothing a good tan cant fix. As for getting your legs smooth and keeping them that way (for a little while longer) I have just the solution.

¼ cup sugar
½ cup coconut oil
3 tbsp. lemon juice

  1. Mix together the sugar, coconut oil and lemon juice.
  2. Spread the scrub all over your legs, do this in a circular motion.
  3. Work your way down from your things to your feet.
  4. Repeat this on the other leg.
  5. Gentle rinse the scrub off your legs and shave your legs as you normally would.
  6. Remember to moisturize afterward.

The coarseness of the sugar will get rid of the dead skin, while the lemon juice and oil leave a residue that aids against razor burn.

Do you have any summer beauty routines you've used time and time again?

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  1. I'm jealous! We are getting ready for our winter. I'd give anything to be back on the beach!

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