Procrastination 101

This was the post I had lined up for yesterday but due to internet issues, I wasn't able to post it.

Lately I've been doing a lot of online research (well more than usual) and during this research I've come across some rather interesting things. I do have to warn you, only carry on reading if you're willing to let all productivity fly out the window and possible not get any work done.

The Wilderness Downtown
Follow the link.
Type in your physical address (it's important that it has a street view). 
Don't minimise or maximise any of the windows that pop up. 
Add a little bit of volume 
and enjoy....

I lost a good hour or two to this website, it's just too fun. 

Because who doesn't love Mr. Men Little Miss?

Design your own case for your specific device.

If you're an online gaming addict, this one's for you.

Take a unique behind the scenes of this incredible film. 

Do you have any websites, you often wonder to when you're trying to pass the time?

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