Love it - hate it

Lately I've been going through these love and hate stages. One day I absolutely love something and then a couple of days later I either still love it or I've found something which I hate. So this up and down and constant changing of my mind, got me thinking about all the things I'm either totally in love with or really not feeling right now. 

Crop tops - hate! They're everywhere!! Like a friend of mine said "What person our age would wear them?"
Taylor Swift - love! Her new album is on repeat in the car, which drives certain people mad. 
Baking - love! Who am I trying to bluff here? I'll always love baking. 

Cooking - hate! Not being home most nights and working all day. I'm just not feeling the culinary inspiration. 
Dresses - love! Summer, means lots and lots of summer. We just need to get some kind of tan happening though. 
Crafts - love! Two words, festive season. It's like an endless supply of ideas. 
My hair - love! For once it's actually doing exactly what I want it to do everyday (miracles do happen). 
Money - hate! Debit orders, house payments and having to live. You're taking away all my shopping money.
Pool parties - love! It's the ultimate symbol that let's face it, it's summer!
Kale - hate! It's just trying to be the "cooler" version of lettuce. And let's face it, lettuce was never cool.

Holidays – love! Because the thought of having three weeks off is all that's getting me through silly season.
Studying – hate! Deciding to study (again) while working is seriously kicking my ass.
Lazy Sundays – love! Everything is at home that you'll need for the day (food, comfort and entertainment).
Heels - hate! They may look stylish but man they hurt.
TV series - love and hate! So many TV shows, so little time...

Anything in particular you're loving or hating right now? 

1 comment:

  1. Hate Crop Tops - AGREE
    Hate Time - it is flying by so fast and not allowing me to get all my work done!
    Love Christmas time - All the fun parts of the festive season- sales, sparkly things and buying gifts. YAY!