A South African favourite

Another weekend done and dusted, and we’re one step closer to December holiday...I’m doing my happy dance right abut now. A while ago (and by a while I mean a couple of months) my sister and I decided to try our hand at one of South Africa’s most loved sweet treats, Koeksisters. At first it felt like quite the daunting task, but in the end turned out to a whole lot easier and way more fun than I thought it was going to be. Oh and not to mention they were absolutely divine. If it weren't for the trying to eat healthy part, I would make these all the time.  

750ml brown sugar
600ml water
5ml ground cinnamon
2.5ml ground ginger

500ml white cake flour

1ml salt

10ml baking powder

40ml butter or margarine
7 ml castor sugar

1 large egg

125ml water

Vegetable oil for deep frying


The syrupy needs to be made the night before.
This because it needs to be COLD when dunking the hot koeksister plaits into it.

1. Place all of the sugar, water and spice in a pot on a medium heat setting on the stove. Bring it to a simmer until all the all sugar has dissolved.

2.Transfer the syrup into a heat proof dish, cover and leave in the fridge overnight to cool.

3.Sift together the dry ingredients.

4. Add the butter to the dry ingredients. Rub the butter and flour mixture together between your finger.

5. Beat the egg and then add it, along with the sugar, to the flour/butter mixture. This should create a soft dough.

6. Sprinkle your work surface with some flour. Roll the dough out until its between 5-10mm thick.

7. Cut the dough into strips and divide the strips into 10cm sections.

8. Divide each 10cm strip into three strips and plait these strips (as if you're plaiting your hair).

9. Get your syrup put of the fridge and place the container in an ice bath - this will ensure that the syrup stays cold, even when the hot koeksisters are added.

10. Heat your oil on the stove till it reaches approx.150-160°.
Slowly lower the koeksisters (in batches of two) into the hot oil and fry until golden brown.

11. Once the koeksisters are nicely golden brown take them out of the oil and dunk directly into the syrup for a couple of minutes.

12. Remove from the syrup and place on either a wire rack or some kitchen towel to allow excess syrup and oil to drain.

Have you made any scrumptious sweet treats lately? I'd love to hear about it. 

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  1. I made these once- so much hard work but sooo very delicious! Way too calorific to have more often than the very occasional treat :-)