A few handy tips and tricks when it comes to baking

Just the other day the sister and I were baking away in the kitchen when one our recipes didn’t exactly turn out the way we thought it would. We did however reinvent it into a deconstructed bunt cake. I mean aren't we just so clever? I say this while laughing at a joke I thought up about an hour ago, can’t wait to share that one tonight (deep down inside I think I’m hilarious).

So while looking at the pile, insert *beautiful and well planned deconstruction* we started talking about things we could maybe have done differently. Which then got me thinking about baking tips and tricks that how many everyday at home bakers don’t even know about. Well fear no more, because coming to you right now is those exact tips and tricks.

Tools mean everything: For all your dry ingredients always use measuring cups and spoons that can be levelled off (to ensure you always get the exact measurements).
Give it a stir: Did you know, that flour settles and compacts in storage? So before measuring out that cup or quarter cup, be sure to give it a stir.
Where butter matters: Always use unsalted butter when it comes to baking. This way you can you can control the amount of salt in your finished product.
C is for cold: When you’re making a flaky crust (a pie crust for example), be sure to use extremely cold ingredients and equipment. This prevents the ingredients from melting and the crust from becoming a flop.
Cakes like it warm: Make sure all of your ingredients are at room temperature before starting. This is because cold ingredients don’t trap and hold air bubbles as well, and air bubbles are exactly what give cakes their impressive height.
Chocolatey goodness: The best cooking/baking chocolate contains only cocoa butter and no other fats. Be sure to read the label. If it contains vegetable oils, it isn't the best quality chocolate you can buy.

Oh and on a related note, I've signed up for the Yuppiechef Baking Challenge


  1. Great tips.
    Good luck for the challenge. I'm also thinking of signing up.....

    1. Oh I think you should :)
      Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!