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You’ve just shared your latest blog post via Facebook, pinned the images on Pinterest and then Tweeted the link; and now the reader wants to know more about you.

That’s where the About page comes in. It’s by far the second most important thing on your blog. It’s the chance to tell your story and let people know exactly who you are. You want your About page to be so fantastic that readers will come back for a third, fourth, and 100th visit. Do remember though that people’s online attention spans are only so long, so you’ll need to grab their attention and keep it. An About page doesn’t have to be difficult to put together. It should be something you enjoyed writing and that when you read it, you feel it expresses who are.

Here’s your chance to show exactly who you are. You want your readers to feel as if they’re sitting down and chatting to you directly. They must be able to hear your “voice” and picture what kind of person you are.

Blog theme
Explain to readers what your blog is about. What will they find in the majority of your posts? Are you a baker, cook, crafty, fashion fanatic or do you seek to just share stories about your life?

Fun fact: In my (much) younger days I was a blonde.
Readers like to picture you when they’re reading your posts. So be sure to include an image or two. This is particularity important if you write about your every day life.

Don’t forget to include a few fun facts (you know those long walks on the beach you enjoy). Do you have weird and wonderful talent? Do you run half marathons every other weekend? Did you try to make the world’s largest cookie?

No matter how strange you think it might be, readers are there to know more about you, so don’t be afraid to share (but remember there is a line of course).  

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