I heart Joburg

This past weekend sure was a jam packed one. Friday we watched Cirque Elozie, which was simply amazing! They did moves, stunts and tricks using chairs, poles, straps and their bodies that I didn't even know could be done. Not to mention the guy who jumped from platform to platform (going higher and higher) while only balancing on his bike's front wheel. I would go see it again (if I had the time) in a heart beat. 

Saturday it was off to I Heart Joburg, for some music festival fun, where the order of the day seemed to be some SERIOUSLY short shorts and flower crowns. 

The line up of musicians were: 
Fall Out Boy
Jessie J
Jason Derulo
Panic! At the Disco
Zebra and Giraffe
The Graeme Watkins Project
For me the highlight of the day and best performance by far was Jessie J. She bounced onto stage with the biggest smile on her face, danced all over the stage (in 6inch heels might I add....respect), got involved with the audience and belted out her songs. I mean, I knew she was talented but WOW...she can sing! Another high point was Panic! At the Disco's cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, magical is the only word to accurately describe it. It was everything you could have wished for a cover of such a legend song. Between the HelloKitty balloon floating around the crowd, one or two people falling over due to over consumption of alcohol, and bumping into familiar faces; we were never short of entertainment between each performance either. 

It was all-around one awesome weekend! Joburg, you once again did us proud, showing that we know how to have a good time. 

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