7 important things

Besides the content, have you ever looked at someone's blog (that you really admire) and thought to yourself "Why am I and others so interested in this blog?" Could it be the layout, colour scheme or just the way it's been designed? Not only are these visually stimulating and constantly attracting attention but there is also a few other things which are important to have on your blog. 

  1. A well-designed header. It doesn’t have to be made up of the best graphics but it should definitely contain clear images (no pixilation please) and most importantly it should have your blog name clearly displayed.
  2. A great background. Anything that’s distracting, flashes or is animated should not be used as a background.
  3. A consistent colour scheme. It is more visually appealing that way.
  4. Pages or categories. These can be in the form of tabs, icons, images or links that allows readers to navigate to other relative content on your blog.
  5. Social links that open in a new tab. These will allow your readers to connect and follow you via your social networks.
  6. A list of related posts. This can either be on the side of the post or as a widget at the bottom of each post. It’s another way of keeping readers on your blog and getting them to browse and possible want to keep reading more and more.
  7. A list of archives. These should preferably be organised by month and year. This gives readers the option of searching through all your content and not just the posts categorised based on your chosen keywords/labels.

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