Tips to keep in mind when designing your blog

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of my time reading other people’s blogs, even way before I started this blog and every now and again I would come across that one blog. This would be the one blog where you don’t even know where to start reading or where to look first, because there is just so much happening on the page. 

Now I’m no expert when it comes to blogs and their designs. So when I decided to start my own blog I did A LOT of research and investigation on how to design my blog’s look. I have exactly 9 tips I followed then and which I still apply every time I do a blog revamp.

1.Make sure your blog is mobile ready
More and more people access the internet via their handheld devices, so it’s essential that your blog shows up well, regardless of the type of gadget.

2. Make your blog’s purpose obvious
People who choose to visit your blog should be able to tell almost immediately what your blog is about. This can be done via a bio box, tagline or something similar.

3. Use lots of whitespace
Whitespace allows your blog to “breathe” and it’s also less overwhelming for the readers.

4. Don’t clutter your sidebars
Only keep things that have a purpose.

5. Do keep your header height minimal
Don’t make your header so tall that visitors have to scroll down to see your content.

6. Navigation is key
You don’t want a visitor to land on your blog, read one post and then not know where to go next,which then causes them to leave.

7. It’s vital that you have a contact link, button or page on your blog
Blogging is like any other form of social media, engagement needs to be made possible.

8. Look at it from a reader’s point of view
Does it make sense to a new visitor?

9. Don’t use light text on a dark background
This is extremely difficult to read and is hard on the eyes.

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