Beauty oops....

We’ve all made beauty mistakes, most of the time we’ve even made these mistakes without even knowing about it. I mean least be honest, we’ve all had those nights where you’re so tired that you end up sleeping in your makeup or that time you tried to run a flat iron your damp hair. Although we’d all like to believe we’ve perfected our regimen over the years, we’re probably still making the most common (and not even thought of) blunders. I know I’m guilty of one committing one or two of these.

Blunder #1: Washing your hair too much. Shampooing daily is okay if you use gentle products and have fine hair. However if you lather more than that and have thick/coarse hair, you're stripping away essential oils your hair produces, leaving it dry and dull.

Blinder #2: Applying conditioner all over. Hair closest to the roots is healthy new growth and the damaged ends are what you should actually be paying attention to. Conditioner can also weigh your hair down and make it look greasy. So instead apply conditioner where you would gather your hair to put in a ponytail and at the tips.

Blunder #3: Not using a heat protectant before styling your hair. If you blow dry your hair and use other heat styling products every day with no protectants, you're causing your hair to become frizzy, dry, and damaged.

Blunder #4: Ignoring your neck. You should take care of your neck as much as you do your face. Use moisturiser all the way down, and make sure to blend your foundation into your neck so you avoid that infamous foundation line.

Blunder #5: Not washing your makeup brushes. I know I’ve been there, I get lazy and postpone and postpone washing my brushes. See the problem with not washing your brushes, is not only will you end up with mixed shades, but you're allowing bacteria to build up. You should ideally be cleaning your brushes about once a week.

Blunder #6: Picking at a pimple: Not only will this compound the infection causing it to spread under the skin but it will also cause scaring.

What's one beauty blunder that you know you're guilty of committing every now and again?

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