I can't believe

Weird title for a post I know, so let me explain. Along with all the wonderful blogs I read, one of them is Robin's Living Colourfully. I just love her blog, she is always wearing the most beautiful outfits (feel free to send me that which you no longer wear...lol), she lives in Florida (I love the coast) and she just writes the most beautiful posts. Another thing I love about Robin's blog is her "I Can't Believe" series. So today I thought I'd give it a try. 

I can't believe I managed today's #independencearmy pose. 

I can't believe how cold it is right now. I'm currently writing this while sitting as close to the heater as possible. 

I can't believe a friend of mine is having a baby. The amount of excitement I feel for her and her husband just can't be described. 

I can't believe my Birthday month has come and gone. It feels like just the other day we started this year. 

I can't believe certain people are on a beautiful safari holiday and experiencing summer weather and here I am working away in the cold. 

I can't believe there are so many brilliant shows airing right now, but `I don't have the time to watch any of them (and some of them I have been dying to see). 

I can't believe in almost a month's times I'll be a student again and attending classes at night, after work. Wait....what was I thinking I'm going to be so tired (lol). 


  1. I adore Robin's blog! and where on earth do you live where it's cold?! I've currently got every fan in my house blowing at full speed. We can trade for a week - I could use some cooler weather.

    1. Oh we could swap any day! I live in the beautiful place known as "sunny" South Africa, although right now it's cold front SA.