DIY marbled glassware

Marbled glassware who knew it could be such an easy way to add colour and patterns to your boring and plain glasses. Don’t believe? Have a look at the DIY marbled glasses I made over the weekend.

Using the tape, tape off the bottom of the glasses.

Fill the disposable plastic container with water (room temperature). Slowly and one by one add the desired nail polish to the water. Taking the toothpick, slowly stir a swirly pattern through the nail polish. Try do this as quickly and gently as possible because the nail polish will start to harden and clump.

Slowly lower the bottom of the glass into the polish. Allow the polish to collect around the sides of the glass, before removing the glass carefully. Place it upside down one a stable surface and allow the polish to dry completely

Once it's dried apply a layer of clear polish and allow to dry once again.

Once everything has dried carefully remove the tape. 

Now you have your very own marbled glassware.

See, it really is as easy as that! 
Do any DIY projects of your own this weekend? 

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