To tweet or not to tweet....

Just yesterday I was browsing around on the blogs I follow when I came across indieberries - Social media twitter quick tip, and then that got me thinking. It got me thinking about all the things people say on social media. Like those couples who break up and then air their dirty laundry on Facebook, or the people who love nothing better than ranting and raving about their lavish lifestyles on Twitter. But the biggest problem is people's manners on social media. People find it easier to hide behind a computer or phone when they’re behaving in way they wouldn’t dare do in public. 
Don’t get me wrong, I think social media is great because it encourages us to take chances and be more forthcoming, however, it can also create a diffused sense of responsibility for our actions.

1. Always consider your tone. Are you a “bragger” or complainer? If so, reconsider your posting strategy.
2. Do think before you tag or upload. There’s nothing worse than someone tagging you in the most unflattering photo imaginable. Put yourself in their shoes and reconsider if you’re unsure.
3. Act the way you want to be treated.
4. Don’t over share. There is a line that is often crossed and it’s important to remember where to draw it.
5. Arguments, feuds are best kept offline.
6. Don’t constantly ask people to follow you or like your page. You should let people follow and like what they want.

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