Doing my bit

Some part of me has always had this need to help others, and by help I mean doing volunteer work at a charity of some kind. Along with this need to help I have a fear of helping. This fear comes from the thought that I won't be able to handle it and I'll break down crying in a room full of people. A little pathetic I know. 

Now a couple of months ago, you'll remember I wrote a post about Operation Smile and the brilliant work they do. So recently when I was thinking about helping out and how I would achieve this, I thought about this organisation. So I hopped over to the Operation Smile website and found one of the wonderful things they do, is personal fundraising. It's perfect for me. 

While having a browse I remembered that CampusBookRentals contributes money from every textbook sold to Operation Smile. If only I knew about this while I was still a student, I could have been doing my bit for how long now.

It's organisations such as these which give me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Seeing how so many people out there are willing to give and not expect anything is return.

Written in collaboration with CampusBookRentals

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  1. It is wonderful that you are so involved and wanting to help - we need more people like you in the world xxxxxxxxx