BB, CC and DD, let's deal with the confusion

With all these BB, CC, and DD creams available at every cosmetic stores, makeup shopping is becoming a whole lot more complicated. So how exactly are you supposed to keep them all straight and tell the difference? Or how are you suppose to even know which one to use? Well today I'm going to break it all down for you. 
BB creams or better yet know as beauty balm is more of a "creamy" moisturiser.
 It mainly offers sun protection, hydration, and a little bit more coverage than you're average tinted moisturiser.

CC creams or also known as colour correcting is a lightweight and fast-absorbing moisturiser. This cream lightly covers the skin and makes it appear less swollen, red and uneven. 
DD creams or often referred to as daily defence has an SPF, protects the skin from moisture loss and balances out uneven tone.

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  1. Hmmm now I'm even more confused because which one will I use for my skin? LOL