Workspace dreams #BEDM

If there is one thing I love doing it's building and organising my workspace. I get so inspired when I'm surrounded by a beautiful and well organised area for all my files, stationery, coloured paper, washi tape, buttons and my MacBook neatly resting amongst all of it. Right now I don't really have a designated workspace, mainly because I'm all over the show and not always in the same place when it comes to my blog. I do however have a board on Pinterest dedicated to future ideas for my workspace (I mean who does't). Some of my ideas, so far. 

Can you tell I'm going through a bit of a white phase...lol.


  1. These are some great workspaces. Love the second one!

    All That Glitters

    1. The fifth one is my absolute favourite but the second one is more a reality of what my workspaces usually look like.