What's been happening

The beginning of this month I signed up for the #BEDM challenge and well I've failed at it, so badly! The first week went off without a hitch, I was so enthusiastic and then came the weekend, I got busy and well life happened. So I haven't exactly been keeping up with the challenge but I have tried to take part in a post here and there. Before I would have felt seriously guilty about not being 100% dedicated to the challenge but this time around I decided that all those days out and about, the me time, movie and series veg sessions with special or all the celebrations taking place lately, were just more important than a blog post or two. 

No this doesn't mean I'm not dedicated to my blog anymore, if anything there has been SO much going on behind the scenes. This "little" corner is going places and all will be shared in due time (there's some really exciting projects and adventures lined up). 

You might have noticed a few changes already, such as a few ads here and there. Yes, Mel's Corner is officially open for advertising. After receiving numerous requests from various people asking if they can advertise on my blog, I've finally caved, but don't worry I won't be bombarding you with boring deals and such things. Each and every ad will only be for things which I feel tie into my world and that which I would actually be interested in myself. So expect lots of clothes, cosmetics, travel, home decor, food and such things...lol. 

I would also like to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support when it comes to this blog. The fact that you all keep coming back to read my posts means the absolute world to me. Oh and a heads up, this weekend I'm planning on baking something delicious, you'll want to keep your eyes open for that mouth watering recipe.

On a last note, the picture above is from my drive to work this morning. It was such a beautiful start to the day, that I just had to share it with all of you.  


  1. I think it's great that your doing some great new things for the blog! Can't wait to see what you're baking...I can always use some new recipes.

    All That Glitters

    1. Aw thanks Ashley.
      Oh this weekend's recipe is a goodie, you'll love it.