Perks of being an adult #BEDM

Paying the bills, having a life cover policy, a pension fund, paying rent or a bond, working five days a week, buying food, cooking the food. These are all part of being an adult, and although we may get sick of it every now and again and think to ourselves "Really? This so so not what I signed up for." There are so many advantages to being an adult, in fact I think they outweigh the bad things (or the not so fun things). I mean let's just take a look at what's so spectacular about being an adult. 

Going to work (if you love your job).
You get to drink wine (legally).
Spending your money on ridiculous things or saving it however you like.
You can stay up and watch that movie which only finishes at 12 o’ clock, on a week night.
Not having to wait for a ride, because you are your own ride.
Watching as much TV as you want.
Watching whatever you like on TV.
Choosing your own friends.
Traveling wherever and however you want.
Way less drama, because we’re all mature and reasonable now (well most of us).
Being in love.
Trying to achieve your goals and dreams.
Being able to vote.
Choosing to live almost anywhere you want.

Yes, being an adult is all it's cracked up to be an so much more. Take the above photo for 
example, drinking a shot out of a syringe, it's a very adult thing to do (lol).


  1. I must admit! It is pretty awesome being an adult. But they can feel free to give us holidays like when we were in school! That's all! :)

    1. Oh yes please. I could always do with more holiday time :)