Onto the next challenge

In yesterday’s blog post I mentioned that I had a few exciting projects lined up for Mel’s Corner. Well today I’m going to let you in on one of those projects. Not too long ago I received a very exciting email, from the well i am challenge team, asking if I wanted to be a part of their challenge kicking off on the 1st of July?

At first I thought to myself, oh this is just another this is how you should workout and this is how you should train campaigns, but it’s actually an even better campaign than that. well i am takes a whole different approach to wellness. It’s 100 days focused at transforming your life and body into a healthy machine. Although you have to go for proper before-and-after assessment, the challenge itself doesn’t interfere with any existing fitness challenges/programs you may be currently busy with. Instead it aims to support whatever journey you're on.

What’s even better about this challenge is that when you register you get a Bosch Appliance, (depending on the package you select) Biogen products to the value of R250, 50% off all Reebok apparel online, and your very own custom-made, bespoke Health Box packed with extras valued at R300. Your pack will also include eating plans and training programmes from various industry experts, which you can access via the online Member's Locker.

It’s been just over a month since I completed the 100happydays challenge, and I was already looking for the next adventure when I found out about the well i am challenge, perfect timing I’d say. So who is going be joining me? It’s only a 100 days, I mean look how easy and fun the previous challenge was.  

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