Gadgets #BEDM

Technology what a wonderful thing. Sometimes I wonder where we would be without it, it certainly plays a big part in my daily life. What I love even more about technology is the gadgets. They make my life so easy. What I love even more about these gadgets of mine, is how they integrate with one another. 

I can simply type some thing into the notes, calendar, contacts or email of either my MacBook, iPad or iPhone and voila it's automatically available on the other devices. The best part has to be the photo stream function. So when I'm out and about and I snap a happy photo, it's there for me to view on both my MacBook and iPad and it's saved in my "cloud" so if anything happens to any of these gadgets my personal stuff is saved. 

Then there is of course all the amazing apps which I'm able to download. Snapseed, Pages, Instagram, Quizup and SoundCloud to name a few. Yes, technology it's a wonderful thing. Another thing which I love is if we're in the kitchen, cooking or baking up a storm, we're able to view the recipe and listen to live streaming music at the same time, and it's all from one gadget (iPad). 

Incredible isn't it? 

Now before you ask, this is not an Apple endorsed post, I'm just a very happy consumer (lol). So which gadgets are making your life easier?


  1. Yes, mine would also be my iPhone, so so handy!

  2. It's one of my best purchases yet.