Five on Friday

For the month of May you probably noticed a few of my blog posts have included the #BEDM hashtag. Well like I mentioned earlier in the week I was supposed to be taking part in Elizabeth’s Blog everyday in May challenge, and well I kind of failed at it (rather well I might add).

So usually on a Friday I do my Friday Funnies posts, but I’m sure as you’ve gathered by now, this month has been a little different. So to continue my different theme (more like chaos and no theme at all) I’ll be linking up with The good life blog for Five on Friday.

This Five on Friday is all about the things that have made the past few days just magical.

The most delicious lunch at Licorish in Nicolway.

Fun times with a wonderful friend. 

Driving to work and this is the scenery.

Went for slightly longer run one afternoon. Felt like I might die 
but then the last stretch rewarded me with this view. 

This Orchid is still alive and has plenty of flowers. 
I might finally be getting the hang of Orchid care.  

Starting next week I’ll return to my normal blogging routine, which means you have many many Friday Funnies to look forward to. I’ve been keeping them all stored up in my mail box.

On a side note, starting Sunday it’s officially my Birthday month (it’s the 18th). I expect lots of well wishes and presents coming my way (kidding).

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  


  1. Lovely post - that lunch in the first picture looks delish! Love from a new follower xx


    1. Thanks Kitty.

      Oh that lunch was so delicious.