Weekend morning routine #BEDM

Weekends, we all love them. What's not to love, you get to sleep in a little, relax, spend time with friends and generally do just about anything you like. So when it comes to, today's posts I really had to think about it, because there is no routine when it comes to my weekend morning routine. Or at least I don't have a set one. 

Saturday mornings are pretty much the same. There is a little bit of sleep in, which eventually leads to getting out of bed (it's getting a lot harder now with the drop in tempreture), a cup or two of coffee, scrambling up some breakfast, getting dressed and then running a few errands. Not the most exciting morning I know, but the point is to try and get it all done as soon as possible so that the rest of the day can be spent doing whatever. Which is usually meeting up with all the different friends. Sunday mornings, well those are lazy mornings. Usually getting dressed only happens way after 11am, unless there is a lunch or something to get to.

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