5 favourite posts #BEDM

For day two of the #BEDM challenge, we've been asked to pick five of our favourites posts (from our own blog that is). Picking just five is actually a lot harder than you think. I spent the most of last night scrolling through the few hundred posts I've written, and well honestly I have more than five but if it seriously has to be narrowed down, these are my top choices. 

A responsible trip around Cape Town

Dirt cups

When bloggers meet up

I took a trip to paradise

100happydays update fourteen


  1. I love the "When Bloggers Meet Up" post, what a great idea! I'm gonna be on the lookout for similar gatherings in South Florida, and for future posts on your #BEDM challenge :)

  2. Hey girl!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love yours and the colors! Gorg. Great content also! :) Look forward to reading your future posts!

  3. The photos on your posts are stunning! You have a real talent.

    I'm definitely going to try making dirt cups for Halloween this year. They look like such fun!