What is your blog all about? #BEDM

Well I've done it again, I've joined another blog challenge. Just when you thought I was done with the last one. For the month of May I'll be taking part in the Blog everyday in May Challenge set aside by the amazing Elizabeth from Rosalilium.

The first post is titled: What is your blog all about? So what is Mel's Corner exactly? Well it's a personal lifestyle blog where I share my daily adventures, cooking recipes, baking experiences, DIY projects, accessory tutorials, fashion tips, beauty tricks, hidden treasures I've found and the travels I've done. 

It's my own little online world where I also like to share positivity and things that inspire me in so many ways. 


  1. Hello! Another blogger doing BEDM. Nice to see another blog with a mix of different topics being spoken about. Especially looking forward to checking out some of your baking posts!

    1. It's always nice to meet new bloggers. I think this is going to be such an exciting challenge. I'll try think of some really good baking ideas, just for you.

  2. How cool!!! Looking forward to reading the posts!

  3. Thank you so much for your comment. My favourite thing about the last couple of BED's I've done is meeting new bloggers. Can't wait to read all your posts! x