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Today's post for the #BEDM challenge is a rather fun one and a topic which I'm very passionate about. I know I don't always blog about fashion (because let's face it there are enough fashion bloggers out there) and only every now and again do I blog about some of my awesome beauty tips and tricks. That's because I only like to share the ones which I have personally tried and tested, and I know are guaranteed to work. Now if you've been a reader of my blog for a while you'll know that when it comes to beauty tips and tricks, I tend to stick with stuff that can be done/made at home. That's because I like to know exactly what I'll be placing on my skin or hair.

One of my all time favourite beauty related things is face and hair masks, they're just so quick, easy and hassle free. A few of my personal favourites are: 

Fancy face

Honey face

Beauty sharing

I mean who knew

Here in South Africa we're well into Autumn, so everyone is starting to dress a whole lot warmer for those chilly early mornings and evenings. It's still a beautiful temperature during the day but as soon as it gets to 4pm, out come the jerseys and jackets. Some of the things I'm really looking forward to wearing this winter are:

Layers: this is a no brainer for winter time, but this time it's more on trend than ever.

Monochrome: I've always loved to pair my blacks and whites

Oversized: Yes, finally being petite and having all your clothes be oversized is a trend. 

Do you have any beauty tips? Or perhaps there is something fashion wise that you're looking forward to this season?

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