A couple of weeks ago I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by the lovely ladies Ashley from All That Glitters. What's fantastic about this particular award is it's to given to bloggers by fellow bloggers.

So what is a Sunshine Award:
1) Display the award on your ever deserving blog
2) Say "thank you" to the wonderful person to have nominated you
3) Give us 10 interesting things about yourself
4) Nominate some of your favorite blogs
5) Link to those blogs in your post and let them know that you've nominated them!

10 Things about Mel 
  • My favourite colour is is turquoise. 
  • I love to cooking and trying new recipes. 
  • I'm the youngest of two children. 
  • I can't hold a grudge or stay angry at people. 
  • I'm secretly addicted to reality TV (no not the Kardashian kind).
  • I have a sercet desire to have really long hair (so I can style it however I like), but when my hair gets to a certain length I cut it a lot shorter.
  • I love painting my toenails. I have a different colour each week. 
  • Social media.....name it I have an account.
  • I'm a hopeless romantic. 
  • My number one dream is to travel the world. 

Now for my nominations.