100happydays update eight

So for those of you who live in Johannesburg you'll know that it's been really overcast, wet and gloomy lately. It's been the perfect weather for snuggle sessions on the couch but not that, that's what I've been doing. In fact I've hardly been home or had a chance to get my snuggle on with the couch. The highlight over the last couple days has to be the Oscar prediction party we had. We had a betting pool with over 600 smarties going for the night. Oh and did I mention we got dressed up for the occasion?

A dinner party with delicious food. 

Friday nights at San Bar.

Braai, friends and wine. The makings of a perfect Saturday evening.

When I get beautiful gifts such as this.

Getting dressed up to watch the Oscars.

Coming home to no electricity so admired the clouds instead. 

On a another wet and overcast day, tea is always the answer. 

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