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Just the other day I was paging through a magazine when I came across a very heartfelt article all about an organisation that provides cleft lip and palate repair in developing countries. This organisation as many of you may know is Operation Smile.

Now I’ve heard about (and seen what this operation does) before but it was only through reading this article and what they had done for these particular children that I felt more inspired. I was so inspired by this organisation and all that they do, that I decided to do a little research of my own. For instance did you know?

  • Operation Smile has partnerships with the following countries: Australia, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gaza Strip, Honduras, India, Jordan, Kenya, Laos, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Venezuela and Vietnam.
  • Each time they undertake a project they send along a site coordinator, plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, a pediatrician, intensive care physician, a nurse, pre- and post-op nurses, child development specialist, speech pathologist, dentists and orthodontist.
  • Operation Smile is has quite the line up of celebrity ambassadors as well. Some of the names you might recognize are: Bill and Guliana Rancic, Zachary Levi, Jay Manuel, Carmit Bachar, David Pomeranz, Maggie Rizer, Roselyn Sanchez, Roma Downey and Eric Winter.
  • Operation Smile has many corporate sponsors but the one that popped out the most for me was CampusBookRentals. CampusBookRentals is an online store through which college students can rent textbooks for the duration of their studies instead of having to buy them. Wow how I wish I was aware of this when I was still studying, it would have saved me a bundle of money. Oh and the best part, with each textbook rented CampusBookRentals donates a portion of the proceeds to Operation Smile. Completing your studies and donating to a charitable organisation at the same time, now that’s right up my alley. 

You know I could go on and on about all the good this organisation does, but the proof is in the pudding. So why not head on over the OperationSmile website and have a look for yourself. And while you’re at it have a look how you can personally help this amazing organisation and put a smile (quite literally) on someone’s face.

Written in collaboration with CampusBookRentals

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