DIY pearls and chains

This past weekend I felt like making some more jewellery. I did however do things a little differently this time, because instead of making yet another bracelet I made a necklace instead. This one like all the jewellery I've been making lately is quick and easy, and won't even take you half an hour. 

What you'll need:
Hook clasp


Tie a length of thread onto one link from the chain and string the beads onto the thread. 
The amount of beads used and the length of the thread is completely up to you. 

Once you're done it should look something like this.

Tie the other end of the thread onto another link from the chain. 

Now attach the chain onto both ends of the beads, using the secured links. 
You can use either a chain or ribbon for this section of the necklace.

And there you have it. 
A completed bead and chain/ribbon necklace, that didn't even take you that long to make. 

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