Now I never make New Year's resolutions and that's because I've never managed to keep any of them. Well this year is different. For 2014 I have exactly three New Year's resolutions: 

1. Stick to the gym routine that I managed to get into last year. 
2. Be more positive and happy with even the smallest and silliest of things.
3. Actually keep these two resolutions. 

So imagine my delight when I came across 100happydays challenge. It's like this was made for me and my New Year's resolution. So starting today 7 January 2013, I will submit a photo everyday for the next 100 days of something (no matter how big or small) that made me happy. Interested to see what it is that will be making me happy for the next 100 days? Well then why not follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Are you interested in joining me on the 100happydays challenge? Head on over to the website and sign up, it won't even take two minutes of your time. 


  1. Loving this challenge
    Good luck with the resolutions - they sound like excellent lifestyle changes which is better than resolutions

    1. It's such a brilliant idea! I'm looking at everything with new eyes.

  2. Today is my 101consecutive day! I did it and am so chuffed. Thank you for helping me see the important things in my life.

    1. Oh that's awesome Monique. Well done for completing the challenge. You're so welcome, glad I could help out. I must say that now thanks to the challenge I'm so much happier and thankful for everything in my life.