Things you should know about me...

1. Sunshine makes me happy.
2. When I feel comfortable around you, I get real honest! Sometimes sharing a little too much. 
3. At first when I meet people I'm quite shy. As I warm up to you, you'll soon be saying...."who knew such a little person could talk so much!"
4. I absolutely love the smell of mushrooms, onions and garlic; cooking on the stove. 
5. When I'm all alone all I do is sing but would never sing in front of another person (unless I'm super comfortable around you). 
6. I have these random burst of excitement about the weirdest things or nothing at all. 

7. I love driving on long road trips and often wonder if I should just carry on driving whenever I'm on the highway.
8. I don't hold grudges, like ever. They take too much of my time and energy.
9. I'm finally starting to realise who I am, what I love, and I'm not ashamed of it.
10. Even though I love and I'm obsessed with shoes, I'm almost always barefoot. 
11. I zone out very easily and can block out almost any noise. 
12. I love clothes with a little bit of sparkle, glitter or lace. 
13. I love getting all dressed up and going out, but I can just as easily snuggle down under a blanket on the couch. 
14. I belong somewhere near the ocean, it's where I'm at my happiest.  
15. Orchids and roses are my favourite flowers. There will almost always be fresh flowers in my house.


  1. you sound like fun.
    I love Disney movies. they are cute!


    1. Aw, thank you Vhutali. I like to think I'm a lot of fun, with a side of crazy....lol.

  2. I love these posts, and great to get to know you.
    Totally understand re the long trips, being near the ocean and not holding grudges