The year 2013

Can you believe this is the last full week of the year? Crazy I know. It feels like just the other day we started 2013 and now it's all over. Which is just as well because I'm ready for a fresh new start. So instead of doing the usual New Year's resolutions and I'm going to look back and see what I've learn't this year. 

  1. If you love someone, tell them, whether it’s your significant other, family members, or  friends.
  2. Bad days do not last forever, neither do good days. Learn to handle the situation during the bad times and cherish all the good times.
  3. Do not plan your life out according to a set time table. You never know when life will throw a curve ball at you.
  4. Learn to make your own decisions. It’s good to ask for advice from your peers, but at the end of the day, learn to take the risk on your own terms.
  5. Music is the cheapest and simplest cure to any of life's problems.
  6. Surround yourself with people way smarter than you. That is the only way you will be challenged to grow.
  7. A dream job does not exist. You have to create it.
  8. When you meet someone who has enough patience to deal with all of your issues, don't test that patience over and over again.
  9. I'm way too trusting. 
  10. When you have expectations of something a person, an experience, a vacation, a job, a book. You put it in a predetermined box that has little to do with reality.
  11. Making a thousand friends is not a miracle. The true miracle is making one friend who will stand by your side when everyone else is against you. 
  12. This will be my last blog post for 2013 as I'm off to enjoy some more needed me time. 

Have such an awesome Christmas and New Year every!

Love you all...


  1. I love these and I totally agree!!! Have a great Christmas and New Year Mel!

    1. Aw, thanks you too Ali. See you in the New year.