Technologically dependent

You often hear people say, “I don’t know what I would do without my phone” or “My whole life is on my phone.” Then there are those questionnaires which always have that one dreaded question, “If you could only take three items with you to a deserted island, what would you take?” 

I’m always the person who looks at these questions and thinks “My phone isn't that important to me.” I’m afraid I have to admit, however, that my cellphone, laptop and iPad have become that important to me. I would be the person taking all those items to a deserted island, even though there probably won’t be electricity to charge the electronics or even signal.

I shudder if I just think of all the photos, phone numbers, passwords and directions stored away on my phone and how useless I would be without the majority of them. And let’s not begin to discuss the apps I have installed…

I can, therefore, completely understand why people take out insurance for technological items. A little precaution goes a long way. We all work really hard to purchase the latest gadgets, and I’m sure we would all be pretty lost if they were taken away from us. Don’t flash your technology around for everyone to see; trust me, you will thank me for this. Keeping your handbag out of sight and tucking your phone away in the side of the car door are other small but useful tricks. Staying safe and being smart will get you everywhere.

Every now and again, that feared topic of discussion will also come up “What did we do before we had cellphones?” It’s scary to think how dependent we have become on our phones. We used paper maps to get from A to B, we wrote people’s numbers down in a real address book… Come to think of it, this reminds me that I should re-evaluate my deserted island list. Suddenly that book, pen and paper no longer seem applicable.

To end off this post, I’m asking you which three items you would take with to a deserted island?

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  1. What a great post! I'm afraid I've become very dependent on my phone as well. I'd have to take it with me since it has so much on it!

    But I would also take a blanket and something to read probably.


    1. Thanks Ashley.

      I've reworked my list and settled on my cellphone, matches (you'll need to make a fie for that food somehow...lol) and a blanket.

  2. Agreed. Cedric gets super annoyed with me for always being on the phone.
    3 things: Cedric, toothbrush and camera! :)

    1. I try to make a point of leaving my phone at a certain spot in the house and only when I walk past that spot do I check it.

  3. Camera, Hubby, Gun! haha who knows whats out there!

    1. haha, yip, the gun will definitely be needed I think.