Now that's interesting

Yesterday when I was driving home from work the drive time team on the radio were having a rather interesting discussion. Their topic of discussion was focused on a certain stat, 16% of women around the world have never let their partner see them naked! Yes I was just as shocked as you are when I heard this. The radio station started taking phone calls and well then it got really interesting. One woman called in and said she had waited seven years before letting her significant  other see her without any clothes on. 

This all got me thinking, why did these women feel so insecure about there bodies. Yes sure we all have our 'fat days' and there are certain things we don't like about our bodies, me included. So back to the question of why is it that women are so insecure about their bodies? Well with runway models being as skinny as they are, magazine covers featuring all these skinny, tall and perfectly toned ladies, internet sites, publication and gossip columnist bashing any celebrity the minute she picks up a kilogram or two. It's no wander women think they should look a certain way. 

Oh and then there is of course this video of what gets done to a lingerie model using Photoshop. 

It's no wonder women think there is one body shape we're all suppose to fit into, when the truth of the matter is, that no two women are the same. We're shaped differently, we gain and lose weight differently so why does society make us all think we need to be the same?


  1. It's crazy what society has done to our body images!

    Mel's Corner

  2. I saw this yesterday on tv and my jaw just dropped. I hope this could be passed on to teenage girls, so that they can see what they're trying to look like is not real. That's one reason why I stopped buying and reading beauty magazines. Ever since I heard "Sunscreen" by Baz Luhrmann, the lyrics "do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly" just changed how I felt about them. Good on you for posting about this Mel!

    1. Oh those kind of magazines are the worst. I prefer online when I can look for something specific and not have to be faced with the skinny (almost vanishing) models.