Hello Monday

Monday blues, we all get them from time to time and today I had a serious case of the Monday blues. It all started with not getting enough sleep (due to it being so humid at the moment). Then I wore completely the wrong outfit for today's weather (yes today was overcast and wet) and I just couldn't stop yawing at work which then threw enthusiasm to be at work out the window. 

Man I sound like a serious wine bag today, apologies. The day did however turn around when I came across Lisa Leonard's journey with me and her brilliant Hello Monday posts. This got me inspired and I decided to try my hand at Hello Monday. So here it goes. 

Hello Monday....

Hello to a new week, which I'm not sure if I'm ready for! Good bye to what was an awesome weekend! Now you might be asking what made it such an awesome weekend? It started with having a day off on Friday (for which I baked cupcakes). Saturday we had another 30th birthday, this time with a dress up theme of Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll. Sunday was a relaxed yet productive day, ended off with a game of Scrabble. So to that I say, Hello new week and let's hope you're just as good to me as the previous week. 

Hello to print deadlines and editing that needs to be done at work. 

Hello to a fun media event planned for Wednesday night and...

Hello to another Birthday party with friends on Saturday. 

What will you be saying Hello to this week...

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