Where I come from

If you've been following this blog for a while now you'll remember that a couple of months ago I took part in the Blog everyday in May challenge with Jenni from Story of my life. Well this month we're at it again except this time around it's called Blogtember. Today's post is titled Where I come from, well it's a pretty simple story really. I'm the youngest of two girls. My mother is a Librarian and my father is an Engineer. 

Growing up we lived in a small town which was the ideal place for a young child because we got to play in the street (we even had a street club) and ride our bikes to school. Basically we lived outside and went wild with our friends running up and down our street. 

When I was 10 years old we moved to Johannesburg, which was a big adjustment at first but maybe looking at it now it was a move for the better. It taught my sister and I life skills that we maybe wouldn't have learnt if we were in that small town. My parents always taught us to be independent and not rely too much on anyone. 

Today I think it's one of the may reasons why I'm so independent and determined to do things for myself. I got my first job at the age of sixteen and worked for the rest of my high school and varsity career. Although we got pocket money monthly it was only a small amount, which was a good thing because it's taught me to be very smart with my money. 

Having always been employed (although at different companies) for so long it's taught me the value of hard work and reward. It's because of these two awesome people that are my parents that I am who I am and for that I am so thankful. They are the most supportive and understanding parents, no matter how crazy my dreams and ideas may be (and we all know I've had some rather weird ones).


  1. It sounds like you had such a cool childhood! It's so great you learned how to work from the get go. We need more of that! Thanks for you comment on my blog, it was so sweet of you!

    1. I think in the long run it's made me the hard worker I am today...lol.
      Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog.

  2. Your parents sound like such respectable people. I think they instilled the best influence of hard work and integrity that a parent could offer their child. Our country really needs more parents like yours around. Great post!

    Jenny @ Incredibly Smitten