Weekend wrap up...

This past weekend was yet another awesome one. It started with the fiancé and I having a dinner (sushi) date just the two of us. Saturday we had a garden party and bonfire with all of our friends and Sunday our garden got transformed (well part of it) into a magical world of colour. I unfortunately was a bit of an idiot when it came to all of our plans and I barely took any photos. It's so unlike me, but also goes to show just how busy (and forgetful) I've been lately. 

I've officially turned into one of those people who falls asleep in front of the TV (this coming from the girl who used to stay up till 2am easily). Deep down inside I'm really enjoying being so busy, weirdly enough I'm even more productive the more I have on my plate. I wouldn't want things any other way as right now, it's all just perfect. 

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