Life as it is...

Today's Blogtember is life lately, and right now I 'm in such a happy space! We just had my parent's over for a week long visit, which is always nice. Everyone loves family time, particularly when you don't all live in the same country and you don't get to see one another that much.  

Here in South Africa it's a public holiday tomorrow, so I put in a day's leave (for today) so I'm having that well deserved extra long weekend. I'm absolutely loving my job. I get to be even more creative than usual and I'm going wild with a few ideas. Our garden is finally getting all its summer flowers so it's an explosion of colour, which is the best part of summer for me.

So yes, life is pretty awesome in more ways than one, which makes those early mornings and driving in traffic each day seem less than dreadful. 


  1. I love a bright garden!

    1. Like I said it's the best part of summer. I bought so many different coloured flowers over the weekend!