Lesson learnt

For day 6 (technically it's yesterday's post as I ran late with this one) of Blogtember we have to Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn. Well it’s a pretty easy one for me and that would be the day my parents moved overseas. Throughout my childhood, although I had a job since the age of sixteen I was/always had been reliant on my parents. Yes I was independent in most ways, but when it came to certain things I would always run to my parents and expect them to fix it.

A significant change came into our lives when my father's work required him to be located in another country (they’ve lived in Dubai, Hong Kong and now they’re in Zambia). My sister and I were studying at University at the time so it made more sense for us to stay behind. So there we were 18 and 20 years old with a house, even more chores, studying and so much more responsibility to deal with. It was a huge adjustment at first but also one of the biggest and best life lessons I have learnt to date.

It’s the silly things that make the difference though. I mean just the other day I put a bed back together all on my own (my mom helped my holding the planks up). Where before I would have just left it for my father to do when he got home from work (although these days I have the option of leaving those kinds of things for the fiancĂ© to do)


  1. What an experience you had! I've always wanted to move out, even if its just for a little while, just so I can mature in my life and become less dependent. Living at home makes me very reliable unfortunately.

    1. It was a huge challenge and adjustment at first but it all worked out for the better.