It's a boy girl thing..

It's been just over a month now that the fiancé and I have been living together. It feels like just the other day we were packing up his stuff and shipping it over to my place and who knew one boy could have so much stuff (hehe, love you babe). Now we both knew it would be a bit of an adjustment and while we've had our moments it's mainly been a lot of fun. Here's what I've learn't so far. 

We both suffer from OCD, but clearly I have it far worse than he does.
I'm a clean cook, the fiancé not so much.
He is a better cook than I am (Ok, I've known this for a while).
Wow, we go through a lot of food...it's like feeding a bottomless pit
Even though he leaves for work while I'm still fast asleep he preps my coffee mug for me.
Boys are capable of cleaning and rather well might I add. 

Packing the dishwasher is never a peaceful affair, we can't agree as to where the mugs should go. I say mix up he says separate rows. 
Fiancé: It's 9:30pm, bed time. Me: WTF, it's early and there is still so much I can do!
We have such different tastes in TV that half the time one of us is watching the TV while the other is watching something on the laptop. Thank goodness we have loads of series and he works two night shirts a week (then the TV is all mine...mwahaha). 

Moving in together, it's not for the faint-hearted...haha. 


  1. ah, coffee ready, very sweet!
    Great little life lessons!

  2. Wow, I wish my fiance would make me some coffee in the mornings. It's always one big fight if he does make it. Luckily, I quit coffee.

    This is just the beginning though, you guys are going to learn sooo much more about each other!