Peacock necklace

Last year I bought myself a pair of beautiful peacock earnings. I loved those earnings so much and wore them quite often. One night in particular when we went to a show I wore my peacock earnings but seemed to have lost one as well (how I did this I'm not sure). So now I was left with the dilemma of only having one earning, like I could really wear only one! A couple of weeks ago while browsing around online I saw these beautiful peacock necklaces and then I thought why don't I use my left over earning to make one of these necklaces for myself. 

What I used: 
Green Chinese cord
A couple of beads and charms
Peacock feather
Necklace chain

I cut some Chinese cord and placed two beads on it.

I cut a second piece of cord and placed two beads on it as well .

Then I cut a third piece and placed more beads on 
it with an addition charm at the bottom.

I attached all three pieces of cord and the peacock feather to the chain. 
There you have it my necklace is done. 
Easy as that!

Have you done any DIY projects lately? I'd love to know as I'm always looking for more ideas and inspiration.


  1. do you sell any of your stuff? you totally should. so cute!


    1. Oh wow, that's the nicest compliment. I have thought about it but for now I just make stuff for family and those who ask for certain things :)

  2. GREAT idea! Talented lady!
    I don't have a creative mind! I got skipped on that one! hehe
    Oh and if you start selling, place me on the order list!

    1. Aw, thank you, and you'll be first on my list :)