Those were the days..

Day nine of the blog everyday in May challenge is A moment in your day. Well 'my moment' is actually not from today but rather a few days ago. I was back at the University were I completed my degrees attending the boyfriend's graduation. Being back on that campus and walking through the building sure did bring back some good memories. 

It got me thinking about how blessed our student days were. We would often spend our days lazing around on the grass talking about who knows what, going to the student centre buying junk food and not having go straight to your ass. Quite often our preferred pastime was lazing on the grass basking in the sunlight (oh those winter months) instead of actually attending our classes. Although I love my job I do certainly miss those days of hanging out with friends all day, having so many holidays a year and getting to sleep in, if you didn't have any early classes that is. Oh to be a student again!

Just look at that grass. Doesn't it look so inviting?

Celebratory dinner time

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