That awkward moment

Day three of the blog everyday in May challenge is Things that make you uncomfortable? Uncomfortable.....*stares at screen with a side eye.* Well when it comes to being or feeling uncomfortable there isn't an awful lot that really makes me uncomfortable. For me it's more a combination of uncomfortable, stuff that freaks me out and the "let's just not go there." On the top of my list..

Public bathrooms, I don't know what it is about public bathrooms that I don't like but for as long as I can remember I've never liked going into any of them. It might be that I'm a bit of a germaphobe...I mean how many times a day do you have to use hand sanitizer before it's just weird?! 

Standing in a queue at the post office, drivers license department or grocery store and some stranger is standing behind you but they're so close that you can feel them breathing down your neck! Don't people understand that we all have personal space bubbles and you don't ever invade one another's bubble? Well unless your family or something. 

The most awkward has got to be when you're sitting in the lounge happily watching a movie with the family and out of nowhere there is a sex scene! It's at this point where I try my best to get eaten by the couch.

Those awkward uncomfortable moments....don't you just love them...


  1. Public restrooms ew! Especially having to poop in them hahaha

  2. It has to be a complete emergency for me to set a foot in one...haha