So about that...

Day thirteen of the blog everyday in May challenge is issue a public apology (this can be serious or funny). I have a few people I'd like to reach out to and say sorry to. Now before you think I'm going to get all sad and soppy on you, think again! This is an apology of a different kind.

To all my family and friends, I'd like to say sorry. Sorry for getting a little obsessed and making you all sit through my crazy moments of randomness, creativity, blog obsession, Facebook and Twitter stalking (Oh come on...we all do it from time to time). I am sorry that I tend to get a little over excited about a certain blog post/idea/DIY project and then that becomes all I want to do all weekend long. I'd like to say sorry for my verbal diarrhea moments which you all sit politely through and listen to every word while probably thinking "would she shut up already" (But that's exactly why you guys love me, right?). 

For this I appreciate each and everyone of you. You guys are the best.  

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